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Aussie Outback Pioneer Experience Two Day Tour

This is a brilliant opportunity to experience the Australian Outback comfortably in just two days. Get off the beaten track. A must do for those that like to get out there.

This tour is great value for money and family friendly.

This tour is great value for money and family-friendly.

This air tour will take you back through the days and courage of those who pioneered inland Australia, conquering the outback, establishing pastoral and mining industries and creating essential services such as The Royal Flying Doctors and Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service (now QANTAS) that have transformed vast areas once inhospitable into the vibrant industries and lifestyle of today.

Day 1.

Our flight takes you over the Atherton Tablelands, the Valley of Lagoons, savannah lands and into the outback centre of Queensland. to Longreach, where the essence of the Australian Pioneering spirit will fascinate you as we visit the Stockman’s Hall of Fame which celebrates the men and women that persevered through hardship and remoteness, floods and drought to settle in this vast land. Relax overnight while enjoying a night under the starry sky of outback Australia.

Day 2.

You will be amazed to see a QANTAS Boeing 747 jumbo jet as a major feature along with their first 707 aircraft at the state-of-the-art QANTAS Founder’s Museum next to their original hanger. We allow plenty of time to take all this in before returning to Cairns flying via Hughenden, where we stop (time permitting). See “Muttaburrasaurus” thought to be Australia’s largest dinosaur (22 metres long). When his bones were discovered near Muttaburra it created worldwide interest. Then fly on over Greenvale back to Cairns.

Departs 8.30 am from Cairns - Price From $3640 Each

Minimum Numbers Apply


Sheep Run.JPG
Stockmans Hall of Fame
Elliot the Dinosaur at Winton
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